• Happy Friday!
    Time to announce some more new dates!
    More italy please! it's gonna be good to play the great Freakout Club again in Bologna!
    08.05 Freakout Club, Bologna (IT)
    Finally it's time to return to Belgium, to play an awesome festival with a bunch of great bands!
    01.06 - Bearded Punk Fest 3, Genk (BE)
    We will get a second chance to play the Riviera Folk Festival in Italy, last time we ended up on stage in the middle of a heavy storm, let's wish for some sunshine!
    07.06 - Riviera Folk Festival, Vicenza (IT)
    Yes it's toulouse time again, played there so often over the last 10 years, always great!
    09.06 - Ôbohem Bar Culturel, Toulouse (FR)
    It has been 6 years since i've played my first and only show in Portugal, it's time to return!
    14.06 - BAFO DE BACO, Loulé (PT)
    And when touring spain, barcelona should be of course on this list!
    21.06 - Rocksound Music Bar, Barcelona (ES)
    Not all the shows do have presales, as soon as i have links you can find it here on facebook or on, if you want to be sure, please contact the venues!
    For those that do have presale tickets, get yours asap, these are all awesome cozy venues, some of them only have a couple of tickets left (read: The German shows)
    Spread the word! invite/tell your friends, and let's have a great night together!

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  • Italy!!! Next to a handful of solo dates (tba) i will also come with the band to play @rivierafolk_official in Vicenza! Last time we had a bit of bad luck cause of a heavy thunder storm, but still an awesome show, it‘s now time to do it again (without any storm hopefully) can‘t wait! Cya on the 7th of june! #rivierafolkfestival #italy #festival #vicenza #secondchance #nostormplease #keinscheissnurhits #goodtimesahead #10yearsandstillnotdone #roadsweetroad #siked

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  • Hey Friends,
    one of my favorite things to do is to play support for awesome bands/acts! Why? it's great to reach new people and it's even better to see some of your favorite bands! Over the last 10 years i had the luck to play with so many awesome bands, some of them became good friends! I really want to thank each and one of them for giving me that opportunity! Here's a Spotify playlist with some of the awesome bands i had the chance to share the stage with!
    follow this playlist:
    Thank you! DONOTS, Chuck Ragan (Official), Against Me!, The Menzingers, ITCHY, SCHMUTZKI, MONTREAL, Hot Water Music, Frank Turner, John Coffey, Antillectual, Red City Radio, Massendefekt, Jupiter Jones, Dustin Kensrue, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Offspring, ROYAL REPUBLIC, Nothington, SMOKE OR FIRE-OFFICIAL, Dave Hause

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  • Happy Session Sunday!
    Being a musician doesn’t only mean that you need to be able to play an instrument or sing... it‘s so much more 😉 sometimes you need to cook in front of the camera. I did both, cook and sing, for the lovely people at MG Kitchen TV! Here‘s „apologies, i have some“ from the MG kitchen! It‘s about time to pass by again! I have been learning how to make some good bayerisch dishes!
    #sessionsunday #keinscheissnurhits #timvantol #kitchensession #sessie #apologiesihavesome #ifwegodownwewillgotogether #session #sessions #acoustic #solo #mgkitchen

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    It slowly starts to look like a solid "Tour". I'm happy to return to and to add Switzerland, Italy and Spain to the already amazing looking list of shows. So many venues and places i love that i'm gonna visit again! The best way to celebrate 10 years on the road! I want to celebrate this with you, who is gonna celebrate this with me?
    02.05 - Red John Irish Pub - Solothurn (CH)
    03.05 - KREUZ Herzogenbuchsee - Herzogenbuchsee (CH)
    04.05 - Obenuse Fest - Zurich (CH)
    07.05 - Vinoria Bar Bottiglieria - Chiavari (IT)
    10.05 - p.p.c., Graz (AT)
    11.05 - Bart Crew, Timelkam (AT)
    17.05 - Mersey klub Brno, BRNO (CZ)
    18.05 - Café V lese, Prague (CZ)
    22.05 - BLA, Bonn (DE)
    23.05 - HEIMAT+HAFEN BIELEFELD, Bielefeld (DE)
    24.05 - Riez RockBAR, Bausendorf (DE)
    25.05 - JUZ Hängematte, Sulzbach-R. (DE)
    10.06 - La Vache Folle, Burgos (ES)
    11.06 - Sala Mardi Gras, A Coruna (ES)
    I'm still working on some more shows, so soon more to come!
    I'm excited! get your tickets now!

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  • That Time i went on Tour in the USA with my buddies Luc Monsciani , Greg Laraigné and Chris Stowe to do an east-coast run! Involved: potato launchers, a bar owner not knowing we were about to play, canceled flights, sheetz (shmonsters), south-street challenge and a lot of miles! Good times! #throwbackthursday #goodtimes #usa #memories #10yearsontheroad #10yearsandstillnotdone #tour #touring #eastcoast #friends #roadsweetroad

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  • Guess who’s turning 17 years old.... HEIMAT+HAFEN BIELEFELD and Moi! Lets celebrate it on the 23rd of may!
    Order your tickets now at:
    #10+7 #keinscheissnurhits #10yearsandstillnotdone #favoriteplaces #roadsweetroad #concert #solo #goodtimes #heimathafenbielefeld #celebration #agoodreason #eventim #bielefeld

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    The tickets for the German shows are going fast! thanks to those that already ordered their tickets!
    These are all awesome cozy venues..... If you want to be a part of it, order you tickets now before it too late!
    go for tickets to:

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  • Happy Session Sunday!
    I love doing sessions when i’m on Tour!
    This one was while i was on tour (what a great tour it was) with Chuck Ragan (Official) and Skinny Lister when we played Hannover. The lovely people of The Pink Carpet Sessions wanted to do another session (i did one some years earlier)! Here you go!
    #sessionsunday #keinscheissnurhits #timvantol #pinkcarpetsssion #pinkcarpet #sessie #handsfullofdust #burningdesires #session #sessions #acoustic #solo #longhairdontcare

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