• Throwback Thursday Lessons!
    let’s give #ThrowbackThursday another twist and tell you about the things i’ve learned over the last ten years, that might be helpful for the future ;).
    Probably one of the worst things that can happen on tour, is when you return to your Van and it’s empty, sadly this happens way too often. What can you do? well if they really want to they can steal all your stuff anyway, but you can make it a little bit harder! How? Blind your windows, don’t let any stuff be visible from the outside, take out your personal belongings, park the Van with the rear door against a wall, a T-bar (more about that in another post) on the Towbar, or…… an alarm system! and for the last one i’m not 100% sure if that’s the best idea, why? here we go!
    Back in the Days (must be around 2009) i saved up some money and spend all of that money on a Hyundai H200 Van, not the best Van to tour in, it was hell of expensive cause of the Dutch Tax rules, but it was all i could afford. I decided to build in an alarm system that would turn on when there would be movement inside the Van! It was Eventually the only thing i had, so i’d better take good care of it!
    I was playing a show in Lille, France… We (I was with my buddy Luke Hilly) parked the car in front of the apartment where we were gonna sleep, and would walk with our guitars for 1km to the venue. We had a good time, fun show, overall a good night!
    Till we walked back, and about 100m before we would arrive at the Van, i could hear an alarm system, i wasn’t directly thinking it was mine, but it took me some seconds to realise it was my Van.
    So when we arrived in a street full of Pissed of people (I Totally understand), i had to face the massive Torture that my van went through. The Alarm system went off from 6 in the evening till midnight, which did result into the neighbourhood being so pissed off, that they decided to trash my Van (as the police couldn’t do anything). Massive Scratches around the Van, front lights being smashed, hood being trashed… This all cause someone might have tried to get into the Van… Result damage of around 2000,-. Being laughed at by the French Cops, who didn’t want to help me as i wasn’t speaking any french (Luckily Luke did) and their coffees were more important. Eventually i had to sell the Van with a massive loss…. and swapped it for a Renault Twingo…. Live on the road can be tough friends!

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  • The Perfect Place to write an Album?

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  • Throwback Thursday Lessons!
    let’s give #ThrowbackThursday another twist and tell you about the things i’ve learned over the last ten years, that might be helpful for the future ;).
    Sleep is one of the most important things when going on tour!
    Not enough sleep can cause Grumpiness, lack of Energy and that all can result in becoming Sick. So you’d better be sure to have a place to sleep.
    Nowadays it’s not really a problem, if you don’t have a place to sleep, the internet can help you with free or cheap places, but this wasn’t always the case back in the days.
    I was on Tour in England, 4 guys, a station wagon with trailer, on this particular night we wouldn’t have a place to crash, but as smart as we were and as little that we did care (regarding wild camping rules, we also got fined cause of wild-camping back in the days), we would always bring a tent with. So after hours of driving on the English little roads we did find a good spot in the dark, to park the car and to setup the tent, off we went into a nice and good night of sleep.
    Sadly this wouldn’t be a long night! As we figured out in the early morning that this was a beloved road by lots of Truckers that would pass by (With a good amount of speed) our sleepy heads, i think if we would have stretched out our arms we might have been able to pet the trucks.
    As Mark (that also joined me on some of my “solo” Tours and filmed/made the Wohnzimmer Documentary: and I where sleeping in the Tent, we where scared as F*ck as we woke up the same time, shocked, of the amount of noise that was passing by pretty close to our heads. With a little lack of Energy, pretty Grumpy, still shocked and maybe not the fittest we did continue our Tour in England.
    The Lesson: before you’re going somewhere, always find a good place to sleep, as it might be a bit harder at night, Nothing is what it seems (especially at night).

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  • This is probably the most amazing gift i could get for celebrating the 10 years on the road! When some of the great friends i got to share time on the road with make you a magazine with great stories, memories and sweet words..... it’s true when i say it wouldn’t have been such an amazing ride if any of these (and many others) weren’t involved in all of this! Thank you so much for this! I couldn’t thank you all enough... 😘❤️

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  • Back at it! Writing mode: ON !

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  • Thanks @overdrivefestival ! It was great to be back!

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