• Was great to see this beauty and the @carniefamily again After 5 years! Need to come back soon! ❤️ @ Palma De Mallorca, Spain

    Posted - 2 hours ago
  • Refueling at the beach of Palma de Mallorca, and visiting my friends @carniefamily ! The best way to recharge the batteries! Tomorrow we will be back on the road towards Madrid! Can‘t wait to return to this awesome city! Come join us at the @trashcanmusicclub !

    Posted - a day ago
  • Wearing Merch with your own Name on it is silly... so she better enjoys it now, cause soon it will be silly 😜 #soontobe #missvantol (shirt available at the online-shop and on tour)

    Posted - 2 days ago
  • Thanks a lot @undabgehtdielutzi Festival! It was worth every single KM of traveling and every hour lack of sleep! Such a good vibes, great crew and awesome bands! It was great seeing the lovely faces of @adam_angst and @donotsofficial again! Now on our way back to Portugal again to continue the #10yearsandstillnotdone Tour! ❤️

    Posted - 3 days ago
  • Setlist... which song should be definitely on there for the next days?

    Posted - 5 days ago
  • It’s all about the good times! ice cream and catching up with good friends = good times for me!

    Posted - 6 days ago
  • Gracias Burgos and a Coruña, it was as always a pleasure to be back and to celebrate with you ❤️ now on our way to finally play portugal again after 6 years. Tonight in Porto, tomorrow Lisbon and on Friday Loulé. Can’t wait! 😍🔥

    Posted - 6 days ago
  • Im happy she said: YES!...... or else it would have been an awkward rest of the tour! #soontobe #missvantol

    Posted - 7 days ago
  • It’s this champion her birthday today! 🎉🍻🔥 I’m so happy to have her in my life! and with me on tour! Tonight it’s party time in A Coruna, Spain! Mojito’s, Tapas and great people!

    Posted - 8 days ago
  • After a great quick stop (1 show) in Toulouse, France we’re now on our way to Spain to play Burgos tonight and A Coruna tomorrow! Merci France! Hola Spain! #10yearsandstillnotdone #keinscheissnurhits #goodtimes #timvantol #obohemtoulouse #lavachefolle #salamardigras

    Posted - 9 days ago